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And in this book itsenäisen suomen laivaston laivatykit 1918-2004 has also pictures from bofors 105 mm twin, but unfortalely no cutout side views. I Didn't either found other pictures from internet, of course there is pictures, where it is part of the ship…
I'll quess, there could be some pictures in the book mentioned earlier: Meidän panssarilaivamme. T. Niklander, Helsinki 1996 ISBN 9529077750

Br: VilleH
Hello everybody,
And many thanks for your help !

Juke, i know the link on Vainamoinen 1/200e papermodel and I bought a copy!

Jari, thank for the link on Forum-marinum and i'am going to make a research on this site.

Eerik, thanks too but i think of credit note enough photos on the Madsen gun.

Villeh, it is true that it is difficult to find photos on the 105 mm Bofors and particularly a view side of the gun without the turret!
It's the biggest problem in fact!!!

Hello Alain

I recomended SA kuva archive.



I am not expert, but i think that first link is Bofors 105mm.


And one more…
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Hello Timo,

So i had one of the two photos and yes, it's good the Bofors 105 mm.

The most difficult are to find a plan 3 views or general arrangement of this gun!
And for the moment it is what blocks me in my project!

Thank you again in all for your help!

Hello everybody,

I admit to have a problem when I look at photos of this ship!

Whether it is for Ilmarinen or for Vainamoinen, we see or one platform projector or two on the mast!?

Can anybody explain me the difference and tell me if there were transformations during the career of the Vainamoinen?

Sorry I know I am require !!

Thank in advance for your attention and your answer!

Best regards

After Winter War there was only one platform because of the double Bofors AA